My Angel Story

In 1996 I was thinking of a friend that I hadn't talk with in a very long time.  We had a falling out because I was very concerned about her husband abusing her.
She lived in the Apt. below me.  It was a strain on my heart not speaking with her.
Her husband refused to allow her to even talk with me because I was not in favor of her staying with him.  That night she came banging on my front door saying PLEASE let me in.  Her husband had beaten her and she was crying really hard.
She didn't want to call the police because of what he may do to her.  I just held her and said it would be ok.  I set her up to sleep in the living room and I went off to bed myself.  I woke up about 1 hour later and I glanced up at the ceiling and saw
a Cherub bathed in golden light.  It was floating up by my ceiling.  I was so excited to see this angel.
It looked just like all the pictures we have seen.  Like a baby angel, chubby and what looked to be resting and guarding my husband and I.   After I realized what I was seeing, I turned back to see the angel again and it was gone.  I just looked into the direction I had seen the angel, I smiled and waved.  Then I went back to sleep with a big smile on my face.  I knew that God was letting me know that we were ALL being protected that evening and ALWAYS!

My second encounter was with my guardian angel.  I had been on Holy Hill at the Conyers apparition site in 1999 and I remember looking up at Jesus on the cross and asking him.  If it be your will Father, please allow me to see my guardian angel.  Aprox 3 weeks later, I woke up to use the bathroom and as we all know,
you're awake for a little while hoping you'll fall back to sleep.  All of a sudden I saw and amber GLOW at a 45 degree angle begin to emerge above my dresser. It was shining over my picture of Our Lady of Medjugorie.  I then saw a beautiful angel appear.  My angel SARI whom I had been talking with for years was so beautiful.
She appeared about 18 in. in height in a white robe that looked like it was blowing in the wind. Then I noticed BRILLIANT white wings. They were larger then the body.
The white was on the edges of the wings.  Bright like lightning.  Then she was gone.  She did not say anything to me I was just in awe that I had been graced to see what I did. At first I asked myself, I wonder if that was my guardian angel or just an angel that appeared like I saw years before?  I didn't remember that I had asked Jesus to see my guardian angel until a few days later.  If you get the chance to ever see a heavenly angel, you will NEVER for get it or be so joyful. I know now what we have to look forward to.  The beauty that lies ahead is worth every moment we must endure here on earth.

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