Miracle Story
By:  Anonymous

One sunny day in August, I had just taken my niece, nephew and an exchange student home after a Sunday outing.
I was kinda in a hurry, and as I passed by a place on the highway, I saw a child who seemed to be coming to close to the road.
My eyes went back to the road or what should have been the road in front of me. I was headed for the median and it scared me so, that I grabbed the steering wheel and tried to slam on the brake and at the same time I pushed in the clutch.
Sailing thru the air, I ended up on the side of a bank headed north instead of the southern direction I was headed. While I was sailing thru the air, I was thinking I was going to die.  I remember saying,  "I cant die now". The next thing I remember was turning off the car and some men coming to the balancing car. They told me to climb out. I told them I was afraid if I climbed out that the car would turn over.  Two of the men pushed on the car to make it lean toward the bank and another man helped me out of the car. Having not worn my seat belt, I was lucky that I was not injured.  I had only a couple of scratches less than a cat scratch. There was a woman there that I had never seen before, a nurse in uniform.
She offered to help me.  I asked her to call my parents and my husband and I gave her the phone numbers, she left. I always wanted to thank her and never knew where she worked. Eight years later she came into the store that my family owns. She had on her name tag. My Angel.  My chance to thank one of my angels.  I asked her if she were the person who helped me and she said she was. I thanked her.  I have seen her since then and when I do, I call her my guardian angel. I only wish that I could have thanked the men who also helped me but as soon as I was out of the car they were gone so quickly.  Were they Angels?  Yes, I think they were.

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