My Angel Story


One time when I was making a trip to Arizona to visit my parents, there was a very bad electrical storm.  Because there are no trees or tall objects to attract lighting in the desert, the lighting will sometimes come very close to the ground.  This was one of those storms where the lightning was coming to the ground and it was following us along the highway as we drove.  It was late at night so this intensified the lightning and my children were very scared and starting to whine and cry.  I told my children that we should pray and ask for God's protection for us for the rest of our journey.  I had already prayed for our guardian angels to watch over us, but I knew another prayer would be OK.  I started praying out loud and asked my kids to join in with me.  Then, as customary, I started thanking Jesus and God for our angels he sent us, had my children thank him and then we started to sing a song.  In about 5 minutes, I didn't hear the voices of the children and I looked in the back seat and they were asleep.  I called their names, but no answer, they were out sleeping like they were at home and no electrical storm.  As I turned back around lightning struck very close to the highway and as I looked out of the car window, on my hood at each corner, I saw shadows of persons, where the light from the lightning could not go through them.  I didn't look, but I had a feeling that there were two more in the back of the car.
My daughter is grown and in college now and my son in high school, but we still make the trip to Arizona several times a year to see my parents.  I always pray before I leave the house to our guardian angels.  I've never seen them again, but whether it is day or night, I know they are there.
God is truly good and wondrous.


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