My Guardian Angel

My Angle Story, It all started one night around 10:30 p.m. when my friend and I had gotten in to my boyfriends car and we were just driving around on some gravel road when all of the sudden we started to take a very sharp turn and then next thing I know we I was laying on the floor of the car with my head in the seat and his cell phone under my head, and my friend was in the back seat and she all most died from a 2*4 but it never hit her in her head, then I got up found my glass got my friend out but i didn't know where my boyfriend was so I could not get him out then he finally had gotten out my boy friend and I have a bunch of cuts on our hands and he had glass stuck in there to and my friend just walked away with a broken toe. Now I never did believe in guardian angels in till this had happened and now I truly do believe in them cuz with out them my friends and I would probably never made it out alive, I truly do believe now

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