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This letter is from one of my readers. Thanks Brian's mom, for letting me put it here.

Dear Mrs. Ainglkiss,
My name is Brian. I am 5 years old.  I go to_______ school.  One day my little sister was crying and my mom was trying to make her quit.  Nothing helped.  She kept crying.  I asked her angel to make her stop and it didn't work.  My mom said that we should ask that her angel to let us know what it is that my sister needs.  I asked her angel to tell me but I didn't hear anything.  I told my mom that I didn't hear anything and Mom said that I needed to listen real close.  I listened close but I never heard the angel say anything.  Just then my sister burped real loud.  It was a supersonic burp.  Then she stopped crying and was so quiet.  I am writing this to let you know that angels help you do all sorts of things.  They even help you burp.
Brian ___

Thanks Alexandra for sharing this wonderful story.  You figured this out all by yourself.  You did a wonderful job!
Dear Mrs. Ainglkiss,
    Thank you for your help, I did try but it didn't work. But I did find
other proof of angels - seriously. My whole life I have been totally
obsessed with butterflies, moths and dragonflies. They fascinated me, I had
the whole bit ; wallpaper with radical butterflies, dragonfly pens and
pencils, stencils, T-shirts and stuffies. But I just discovered that God
uses my favourite things to "help" me. Allow me to explain.
    This past week I attended a United Church of Canada camp called
_______. I love that camp and plan on being a CIT there next year.
Anyway, on Wednesday I became really upset because my best friend and I were
being separated by our councellors (with good cause, I guess). Both of us
were crying, except on she got comfort from the older ones because I went
outside to cry - why? Because I put up a very tough and confident front. No
one dares get  near to me unless I let them, at least that was the way at
camp. I went outside, and I was shaking really hard. I dragged a rusty old
chair out to the side of the cabin that wasn't visible. But there were too
many mosquitoes there, so I moved deeper into the woods to a stump. I cried
with my head in my knees really hard, I was almost choking. I mumbled the
Lord's Prayer, then I begged the Lord for forgivness for being so dumb with
my actions. I didn't ask for my angel, but I got it anyway. I looked up
suddenly, I don't know why, only to see two butterflies dancing in the
sunlight a small distance away. I leaned back against the stump and watched
them in silence, reflecting how beautiful my surroundings were.
    Finally I got up and went back to my chair. To my amazement one of the
butterflies followed me there. It flitted around my head and kept landing on
the tree, less than three cm away from me. Finally I gathered enough courage
to hold out my hand, and lo and behold the butterfly came to rest on the
palm of my hand. It wasn't monarch, but it was beautiful just the same. I
smiled in spite of myself, and soon began laughing. The butterfly just sat
there, looking right into my eyes. I sat there for quite some time with the
butterfly, just laughing softly in a private joke only the two of us shared.
I felt the Lord had sent down this butterfly, not only to cheer me up but to
tell me that I was forgiven again.
    And that is not my first time with a butterfly landing on me either. On
a class trip to Camp ____ (3 days, 2 nights) we went for a hike in the
woods. I wasn't feeling very happy, a boy in my class had been making fun of
me and some of my friends again. We were just sitting around the campfire
pit talking about owls when everyone began to laugh and point. "What?" I
asked them. Turns out I had a butterfly sitting on my head! And every time I
sat in that spot the butterfly would land on my head. Now everyone calls me
    I don't  know whether or not a butterfly can qualify as an angel, and I
don't know whether my angel will always be a butterfly. All I know is that
God has sent a butterfly every time I needed one.
The name that always strikes out to me when I see a butterfly is Abby.
Alexandra, 12

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