What is a Prayer?
A prayer is nothing more than talking.  When we talk to God it is called praying. You can tell God what happened during the day.  You can tell him what happened in school.  You can talk to Him just like you talk to your parents.  You can talk to God anytime you want.  You can say anything you want.  Sometimes we need help with some words, so here are a few prayers to help you.  Remember, the most important thing is that you talk to God each day.  You thank Him when you go to sleep, when you get up, when you eat, and when you go to school.  God is with you all the time and it is so nice that you speak to Him.  A nice thing to do during the daytime is to say to God, "Thank you for everything."  He likes that.  It makes Him happy
Here we go.
Bedtime Prayers
Prayers when we eat
Prayers for when we are sad
Prayers to thank God

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