Angels of the Bible

The Creation of Angels

In the beginning God created all the angels.

He made them all with free will.

Free will means that they have a choice.

They can choose to worship God or they can choose not to worship God.

God created the angel, Satan.

Satan was a very powerful angel.

Satan was an archangel.

Satan was a beautiful angel.

Satan decided that he did not want to worship God.

He wanted to be worshipped.

There were other angels that felt the same way as Satan
and decided that they would follow him.

Satan wanted to rule.

He started arguing with God.

God told Satan that he could not rule.

Satan got mad.

He started a fight in heaven.

God told him to leave heaven and take his followers with him.

God told Satan that he could not rule over the earth but he could rule under it.

God told St. Michael to do battle with Satan.

Satan was kicked out of heaven.

God won as He always does.


Let's Pray:
Thank you Lord when I am strong,
Help me when I am weak.
Thank you when I am wise,
help me when I am foolish.
Thank you when I have done well,
Help me when I have failed you.
Teach me to serve you with love,
truth, faith, hope and grace.
This I ask through Christ our Lord.

Write to me, please.

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