The Ten Commandments
Many years ago, there was this man.  His name was Moses.  Moses was looking at a mountain and noticed a bush that was burning but never burned up.  He thought that was so strange!  Moses decided to climb the mountain and see what was going on with this strange bush.  The mountain was called Sinai.  Moses climbed the mountain and saw the strange bush and sure enough it was burning but it still wasn't burned up.  Moses looked at it for a while when he heard a voice.  It was the voice of God.  God called, " Moses. "
Moses said, "Here I am."
God said, "Remove your sandals.  You are standing on Holy Ground."
Then God said, " I want you to lead my people to freedom.  Go to them and say 'I Am' sent me.  That is my name for all generations."

The people of Israel had been in slavery for along time and now Moses was leading them to freedom.
After Moses had rounded them together they left and God was with them.  God took care of them on the long journey. He loved the people and the people loved Him.
God asked Moses to return to Mt. Sinai where he gave him ten laws.  God said, "These are My commandments which everyone is to follow."
They were written by God on two stone tablets. Moses took them and gave them to us.
Now, let's see the Ten Commandments given to us by God.


The Ten Commandments E-book
Below are the Ten commandments.
The first is for Christians and the
second is for Catholic Christians

1. I am the Lord your God... 6. Do Not Kill
2. You Shall Not Make Graven Images 7. Do Not Commit Adultery
3. Do Not Take God's Name in Vain 8. Do Not Steal
4. Keep Holy the Lord's Day 9. Do Not Lie
5. Honor your Father and Mother 10. Honor Your Neighbor's Goods

Catholic Christians
1. Do Not Have False Gods 6. Do Not Commit Adultery
2. Do Not Take God's Name in Vain 7. Do Not Steal
3. Keep Holy the Lord's Day 8. Do Not Lie
4. Honor your Father and Mother 9. Honor your Neighbor's Wife
5. Do Not Kill 10.Honor Your Neighbor's Goods

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